What happens when upgrading from Free to Plus eliminating one billable collaborator?

Hi everyone!
I have been using Airtable together with one collaborator for a while and reached record limit on one of my bases. Unfortunately, I think the service has a rather steep cost rise for users like me that have few basic bases with one collaborator only but who surpass a thousand records x base.

I am currently paying for premium services but none of them is $20 x month with the prospect of having to upgrade to $40 sometime soon. I was thinking of excluding my collaborator from the base workplace (making him not billable) and hence cutting my costs to half. Before doing that, I need to be extra SURE that my base data will remain as it is, and if I eliminate him I won’t lose any records and changes HE had previously made to my base.

Can anyone please advise me on how to proceed?

Thanks so much.

Base data does not change with addition or removal of base collaborators. The only change I could forsee you running into is if you have a collaborator-type field, and any record had your former collaborator filled in, their name would be greyed out. This does not change the actual data for those records, its a visual indicator to warn you you won’t be able to reselect that person again since they are not a collaborator in the base.

If you’re still worried, you could always just reduce this person’s access down to read-only and they will no longer be billed for.


Thanks Kamille! Your tip to just reduce the person’s access to read-only sounds great! I appreciate it.

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