What is records limit


airtable features are very nice
but what does 1200 records per base limit means??
does it mean users count


No it means you can create a maximum of 1200 records per base you create :wink:


sorry i have less coding knowlegde.
iam having an app which provides stock market tips

recently i found that you partnered with thunkable.

what does record mean??

every time a user collects data from spread sheet, will it be considered as a record


A row in a table is a record - so it’s the total number of rows in all of your Tabs (Tables) in your base.


I recommend you to read the introduction: https://guide.airtable.com/introduction-to-databases/

“Records – Records are the database equivalent of a row in a spreadsheet. Each record is basically an item in your list. In a table of books, each record is a different book” https://diigo.com/0cdqng