What is revision history?


I am new to Airtable and I have a free plan active from 12 days…
I have a sort of confusion related to Revision History
What is Revision History? I had 2 weeks of revision history in my account…Now it’s the 12th day…
Does that mean - when the revision history time limit finishes, I will lose all my spreadsheet’s current data?
And in Pricing, I liked the PRO plan. It states 20$ / user. What does that mean?
And are any other things / main points I need to know before purchasing the PRO plan?

Thanks in advance for any help.

You never lose your current table/base data unless you delete it yourself. Revision History tracks what a field’s value has been in the past, and the number of days Airtable will remember for you depends on your plan.

If you accidentally changed a field’s value to “Red”, for instance, you can look at that record’s Revision History to see what the field said a day ago, a week ago, a month ago, etc. to correct the mistake.

With regard to pricing: You are at least one user. Therefore the minimum you pay for a Pro Workspace is $20 a month. If you were to share access to the workspace with your friend, Airtable would charge $40 a month ($20 x 2).

I wouldn’t get a Pro account until you have a more full understanding of how Airtable works. The main additional features Pro accounts have are increased storage space and Blocks (which let you make graphs, maps, track time, etc.)

Oh Thank You,
You solved my confusion!