What is the APP ID? Where do I find it?


Trying to install an API plugin for Wordpress and can’t seem to find it. I have the API Key, but can’t see an APP ID.


Hi @Andrew_Steelsmith , you can find the app ID by going to https://airtable.com/api and selecting the base. The app ID can be found in the URL in your browser address bar. The URL will look like https://airtable.com/appPqRsgYQmpJ4wRQ/api/docs#curl/introduction, and the part that begins with “app” is the app ID (appPqRsgYQmpJ4wRQ in this case). Hope this helps :slight_smile:


The wordpress plugin Airpress now has a screencast tutorial walking you through how to access your API Key and APP ID as well as how to display content from Airtable in your Wordpress website. Check it out!