What is the Best Way to Link Records



I want to have a better understanding of linking individual records between two tables.

In my situation, I have a base with two tables and in each table I created a Link field, in Table 1 and Table 2. Table 1 have all my records and Table 2 is the table that I need to link records into. I am guessing, that to do the actual linking, (now this is the part I am a little confused with) I would have to go to Table 2, and Link the individual records from Table 1 into Table 2, using the Link field that I created and do the actual record linking from Table 2. Or do I link records from Table 1. I am not sure which table I should link the records from, Table 1 or Table 2.

My pea sized brain is trying to understand. :blush:

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Both ways are okay.

Table 1: tasks could be linked to table 2: employee

1 task can be assigned to one or multiple employees

When you go to table 2, you can then see which employee is already assigned what tasks.

And if you know that you want a certain employee to take on a few tasks, rather than looking for the individual tasks in table 1, you can just look for one specific employee from table 2 and assign those tasks all to this employee.



Thank you for your reply. It helped.

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