What is the formula for BMI (in/lb)?

Hello there! I was just reaching out to see if there was a chance that someone, literally anyone can provide me with a BMI formula, please! I am trying to calculate BMI using height in inches and weight in pounds, and I’ve been searching for weeks for one that works, but it never accepts it. I’ve seen many articles and tips on conditional logic, but I don’t need it to tell me whether or not they’re overweight, I just need the actual BMI number. I’ve exhausted my personal and searchable resources, and since I’m also pretty new to this, when I DO find a formula that I think may work, I have trouble converting it from kg and meters or centimeters… I would be VERY grateful for a formula that I can copy and paste into the formula spot.

My height and weight are both formatted to integers in inches and pounds and the result I would need for BMI would be for example
Height: 64
Weight: 160
BMI: 25.7
Despite my many attempts I have become very frustrated with this and for some reason I cannot find a way to contact Airtable directly. Perhaps I overlooked that though. Any help or consideration toward this time sensitive issue would be immensely appreciated, thank you so very much for reading any for any time put into helping me solve this!

According to this site, you calculate BMI as 703 * weight(lbs) / height(in)²

In Airtable’s formula language, that would be

703 * {Weight} / ({Height} * {Height})


703 * {Weight} / POWER({Height}, 2)

Otherwise you will need to write a formula that converts lbs to kg and in to m, the multipliers for which can be googled.


OH MY GOODNESS! You’re a gem, thank you so much! I popped it right in and it worked! (the top one, didn’t even have to try the second one)

I appreciate your help! :grin:

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