What is the largest image size I can load into Airtable?


Some of my photos are not loading into airtable and I am wondering if there is a resolution limitation and this is causing me restrictions?

Any suggestions?

Uploaded 100+ photos. Some show up, others show blank thumbnail. What gives? View attached picture rows: 21-22


Any suggestions?



Hi there! Would you mind messaging me the name of your base so the support team can look into this?


Hi I have the same problem with some of the records in my attachment/image field. Some of my thumbnails are broken even though the full size file is there.

There are 2 sizes of thumbnails that Airtable uses apparently, the really small one in grid view and the larger one in detail or gallery view. So some of my little thumbnails are broken, and some of my larger thumbnails are broken, but in either case, the original size image file is still intact. I tried to refresh the page, log out and back in, as well as open in another browser but that doesn’t seem to help.

Any advice on how to fix this easily when I encounter it is most appreciated.


This happens to me all the time. I’d love the ability to refresh/regenerate a thumbnail to fix the issue.


Jacob from Airtable here. I apologize for any trouble folks are experiencing with thumbnails! As a key component of our continued investment in attachment processing, we’d like to iron out the edge cases that can result in such “blanks.”

If you run into broken thumbnails on a base of yours, please send us an email at support@airtable.com with

  1. the affected file type(s)

  2. how the files were uploaded to Airtable (e.g., from your hard drive, through an Airtable form, via Zapier, from a Dropbox or Drive integration, etc.)

  3. the record URL of any single record whose thumbnails are not properly processing (to get its URL, simply right-click anywhere on the record, and select copy record URL)

Please note the difference between thumbnail previews and full-screen previews. Thumbnails appear on record cards in gallery & kanban view, inside attachment field cells in grid view, and within expanded records. A full-screen preview results when you actually click on a thumbnail.

Thanks for helping us gather information that will inform our efforts toward increasingly robust attachment processing in the months ahead!

P.S. For now, if there are a couple broken thumbnails you’d really love to have showing up (e.g., for a view share), there’s a trick that could help. If you download a file with a broken thumbnail from Airtable, and then re-upload the downloaded file from your computer to AT, the thumbnail may come through correctly on the re-uploaded file. No guarantees, but we’ve seen this work a decent amount, so I wanted to share it as a tip while we continue working on infrastructure improvements that will render such tips unnecessary! :grin:


Is there a size limit for images? Mine are not showing up at all.


Hi Gretchen! Please write into support@airtable.com, and we can help troubleshoot what may be going wrong here. Thanks!