What's the best way to keep track of customer visits?


in our simple CRM system for our shop, we’d like to keep record of which dates the repeat customers have visited in the past. (and count them up to know how times total he/she has visited)
We know each day the customer visits since the staff enters it, but what’s the best practice for keeping track of all the dates of the visits? Is there a way to automate some of this?


I would suggest having two tables, one for customers and one for the visit log. This will allow you to build views that show:

  • Who visited during a certain day/week/month
  • The date/time of a customers most recent visit
  • A count of how many visits for a customer
  • Average visits each month
  • If you tracked visit purpose or amount spent you could incorporate that as well

As far as automation goes, nothing truly useful comes to mind. Unless you have barcoded cards for customers, that could be scanned instead of entering a customers name and reference CREATED_TIME() to avoid having to enter the date.

If you want to copy this base feel free—just click through the link at the bottom of this post and select the “copy base” option in the top right corner.


  • Name - Single line text
  • Visit Log - Link to Visit Log
  • Visits - Count of Visit Log
  • Last Visit - Rollup of Visit Log using MAX()

Visit Log

  • Name - Formula: DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, “MM/DD” & " - " & Customer
  • Customer - Link to Customers
  • Date - Date field with time



@Chester_McLaughlin This is excellent! Thank you so much. I think this solves my issue for the most part. Very useful. Thanks again!


This is great help @Chester_McLaughlin, could you share it once again because link is expired? Of course if you still have it available.
My visit log is automated, and I believe that your table would be helpful to me.


This looks like what I need as well.

Any chance of getting access to the link to copy the base?