What's the easiest way to add a Country column?

I want to create a Single Select field with a list of all countries so that users can fill it out in a form. What’s the easiest what to do this without having to add every single country individually?


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A somewhat not so clean option: Create a Single table with a single Field. Copy and Paste country names so each country is a record. Use the link record functions and make sure to turn off multiple links options.

I’d love a option like this for States too!

Thanks! But yeah the idea of creating a table with no use that’ll stick around forever doesn’t feel great.
Is there really no way to paste multiple choice options?

Get all of the country names in a text editor (or a spreadsheet) with each country on a separate line (or row). Select all and copy. Now go to your airtable base. Go to the record at the bottom of the table. Click on the single select country field. Paste the country values in. Choose to expand the table. This will create a new record for each country. You can now delete those records and the single select options will remain in the field.


Here’s a thread where the first link may be helpful (at least for the US states):

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David_Skinner You are the best!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have solved the biggest problem I’ve had with Airtable. This works beautifully! Airtable MUST add this to their tips and tricks. Will use it for other information like state/provinces and more

David_Skinner you rock!!! It works. There is a God. :slight_smile:

You’re a god send. Anytime you want a drink. Lemme know.