Whats the tool to record/screencapture airtable steps?


I see people posting a lot of animated airtable steps. What tool is used to do that? Thanks :slight_smile:


Can you point an example? Anyway, I use RecordIt for Gifs :blush:


I use SnagIT 4, which records a video. Then in the SnagIT editor, I can edit the video and convert to animated GIF.

If you want a free/shareware app, you can use LIceCap. It works well, just not a many features.


Someone suggested to me ‘Screenbot’ by Droplr which I tested out. Pretty easy!

As for an example, here is one from @Kasra from Airtable: [Implemented] Looking up fields in Hide Fields just as in Filters or Group

I’d love to know exactly what Airtable uses…


I use LICEcap :slight_smile: https://www.cockos.com/licecap/


THANK YOU! @Kasra :wave: