When adding a new record from a form how do I add a new record "on the fly"

Hello AT Community,

I am a bit stuck on understanding if this is something I am doing wrong or a system limitation. Here is the scenario:

We have a CRM in AT that classifies a parent company as an Account and a member of that parent company as a Contact. Basic logic, and we have a linked relationship between both.

When our marketing people go out and meet someone, purchase something for a client (lunch, etc.) we want them to update AT with what they did. This works fine when the Account and or Contact is already in AT. When it is not, we want to be able to add the new Contact and or Account on the fly off of the form and limit them going inside AT if possible.

This scenario can exist when we have a new Contact that we have not had in our base, nor their parent company (Account). When we are adding the new Contact it is coming in from the form as a new field - which is what we want. The problem comes in when the person using the form realizes that there is no Account for this new Contact, and when they click on the button for adding (linking) the new Contact to an existing Account on the form, scroll through the choices and sees that there is not the Account they are looking for and no way to add it on the fly, it stops them from properly setting this up.
Same thing can happen for all of the other potential situations (We have the Contact but not the Account, we have the Account but not the Contact, etc.).

If we did this straight in AT there is a + button on the bottom of the record list that allows for a new record to be added. On the form level I do not see that as an option.

My question is am I not seeing something where I can have people add a record and while doing so add an additional record on a different table that it is linked to from a form vs inside AT?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Hi @Wayne_Merlino
One idea I have would be to add some fields to the table with the form that are placed under the Client Lookup box. Name these “New Client” “New Address” and set them to be conditional to only show when the Client lookup is Empty. If they select a client initially those fields will not be present and not confuse the user.

Then add an automation to copy “New Client” “New Address” on form submission into the Clients table for future look up.

Great idea! I totally get the theory. I will build that and see how it works.


Cool, hope it works out!


I just built it out and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the advice!

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