When duplicating the table it screws up the formatting and thus not working

Please help me with this.

Hi @Jay_P

How are you duplicating the table? Is it through Airtable or as a CSV import?

It would be good to provide a bit more information.

Thank you,

thru airtable. And my account keep on asking me that i need to upgrade, when i already upgraded!

Hi @Jay_P

I would suggest that you contact Airtable support. They would be able to sort this out a lot easier for you.

Although, you should be able to duplicate a table, no matter what plan your on.


i did. they not responding.

Hi @Jay_P

I would try again and place URGENT BILLING ISSUE in the subject line.

Hopefully that will help.

Mary K

Hi @Jay_P

It seems that you have the Plus Plan. It is similar to the free plan, except you get more records per base.

Mary Kay

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