When Gigs Are Inconsistent

Hi there! I am a public speaker, and I would like to use Airtable to track my “gigs”, from point of interest until they are complete. This will help me track documents and vital things I forget due to the long time frames this involves.

One thing I am struggling with is that Gig start days and times are inconsistent. Meaning, I may do a full-day workshop for an organization, and that’s easy. But sometimes they want me to do two workshops, or smaller trainings split into multiple days but they are all part of a series.

Currently, I have to add each day/time in as a separate Gig, which makes me cringe because they are NOT separate, but rather nested as part of the overall gig. I would like to not have to use multiple tables for this–is that even possible? Any ideas on how I can lay this out?

Hi @Nate_Sheets - yeah, I think you really should go for 2 tables on this. You’re tracking 2 separate things - gigs and “sessions”. A gig has one or more sessions and a session belongs to a gig. This is all pointing to a 2 table solution.

I would lay it out something like this:

Of course - each of these tables might have other data in them - clients perhaps (which might give rise to a 3rd table), gig location (although that might be at the session level if more appropriate) etc.


Thank you, Jonathan. I ended up reading your response and then came up with a way to do what I want: group overall gigs by name, allowing me to add individual “sessions” nested therein. Thanks again!

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