When group by a multiple select field, turn each value into a group


For example, I have 2 records(threr’re 2 fields: title tags):

  • Org-mode: best note-taking software software, note-taking
  • how to take note? note-taking, study

If group by tag fields, it will generate 2 groups:

  1. software, note-taking
  2. note-taking, study

But I think it’s better to have a group for every single value:

  1. note-taking
  2. study
  3. software

Multiple values should not only be used in filter, but also in group!


Please see:


@Elias_Gomez_Sainz Can you please re-share this base as I’m having the same issue?


Hi Matthew and all, do you know if this is still available for me to look at? I have the same problem now. Thanks!