When I fetch records with the API, some of my records are missing

"https://api.airtable.com/v0/app key/Interview%20Data
-H “Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY”
API to fetch all the records, some of my records are missing

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When you fetch records from the API, it will only return the fields that have data in them.

Thanks for reply @ScottWorld

not getting about 10-20 records

api called:

First, you said that fields are missing.

Now, you’re saying that records are missing.

And your screenshot doesn’t explain anything.

It seems like this is Liam spamming us here in the forums again, but using a different username.

I’m using API call to fetch the all records.

Explanation of my issue, assume the following data.

table-1 contains 300 records, with Field-1 containing data “A”, “B”, “C” , etc… respectively.

make a List GET call and it retrieves only 270 records with correct values in Field-1.
but 30 records are missing.

rest api:https://api.airtable.com/v0/appkey/tableid


What are you trying to accomplish with the API? Are you a consultant, student, hobbyist, accidental coder, hacker, etc.?

How familiar are you with Airtable? Do you have an Airtable account? Can your account access the base? How do you know how many records are missing? Do you know what data is in the missing records? Can you share a screenshot of the records in Airtable?

What is your level of experience working with REST APIs and writing code? What language / platform are you using? Are you using a library?

The API documentation is quite good and explains the endpoints, authentication, and many other things. Have you looked at it?

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In your original post (before it was edited) the URL you shared indicated that you were querying from a specific view. If that view had a filter that prevented some records from being shown, that would explain the missing records.