When record has many other record, HOWTO order display of others



  • Artist has_many Paintings
  • Paintings belong_ an Artist


  1. Visit Paintings table
  2. group by Artist

Naive request:

  1. How to show the Paintings, grouped by Artist with groupings listed in ABC order?
  2. BONUS: Same, but with some arbitrary criterion on Artist as the sort order (impact_score, say?)


You just can order Groups by A>Z (or reverse) or 0>9 (or reverse), depending on the type of data.

You can order records within Groups with the Sort feature as you want.


I cannot believe I didn’t see that control. So unbelievable.


I can’t get this to reverse sort on a date field with the data grouped. Anyone know if that’s not an option?


If you have Groups, first you orden them, and then the Records. If the Groups are made by Date, you can order the groups by it. If not, you could order by date and then by the same field that you were using in the groups.