When sending an email via automation checkbox shows as true or false but I want the checked/unchecked emoji

Hi All,

Very new to Airtable and need assistance on an automation if you can help. I have a form that populates a checkbox field. I need to email this field to someone showing the condition as either “Yes” or “No” but the field only shows a “True” or “False”. Is there any way I can do this?

I have tried using a formula field to determine the result and change the it this way but the email shows a blank space where I expect the result to be (when calling the formula field).

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Kev_Sherratt-Pearson
You can add this formula to display a text checkbox emoji when the option is selected.

IF(Checkbox = 1, '✅')

Then you can put that formula as the result in your email.

If you want to also show an emoji when not checked, try this:

IF(Checkbox = 1, '✅', '⬜')

Awesome! Thanks Vivid-Squid,
Looks like I was doing it correctly on a previous attempt but the generate preview function doesn’t populate the Emoji.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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