When updating status, create an entry in one of several other tables, according to status

Hey all.
I am trying to use Airtable to manage farming schedules.
I’m trying to figure out an automation that would create an entry in one of four other tables, whenever I update a status on a primary table.
Specifically, I have a primary table with all the seeds I am using, and one of the field types is a single-select with labels [Seeded, Transplant, Finish, Harvest].
I also have several scheduling tables that correspond to each of those labels.
The idea then, is that when I set a seed status to “Seeded”, an entry for that seed would be created in the Seeded table, and so on for the other tables.
Would a REGEX_MATCH formula work for this? I have zero experience writing up complicated formulas.

If you want a no-code solution, you will use the “when record meets conditions” trigger, with one automation for each single-select value. Then use the “create record” action to create a new linked record, passing in the value of the triggering record.

If you are nearing the 25 automation limit, you can use a scripting automation with the “when updated” trigger watching the single-select field. Code is necessary in this situation in order to include branching logic.

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That is an excellent answer, thank you! I completely ignored the “when record meets condition” trigger. I’ll experiment some more with it.

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