When you group fields by date to have the ability to choose if you want it to group by day, month or year


At the moment when you have a date column in a table and your group by date, it doesn’t allow you to chose if you want to group the entries by day, month or year. It just groups them by the date number.

I think it will be very useful to group it by month as I use Airtable to track my company’s expenses and I want to be able to group it by months as otherwise, I have too many entries.


I think this is the expected, and you could create separated field for the 3 values with YEAR(), MONTH(), and DAY().


Agreed, Airtable should allow that option for date fields. It’s a little silly that we have to make 3-5 fields (day, week, month, year, “complete” date) for one date to group things together.

If users want to track a start date and complete date they might need 10 fields to have flexibility in how records are grouped together as opposed to 2.


Thanks i didn’t know this. For now it will work as a solution. But would be good if it was an option too :slight_smile: