Where did the "Add option" button go in Multiple Select configuration?

For some reason, I’m no longer seeing the “Add option” button when setting up a Multiple Select field. Instead, all I have is the “Add description” button. See screencap below.

What gives?


Hi @Jonathan_C_Library and welcome to the community!

I had the some issue 2 days ago in a client base. Creating a new multiple select field triggered it back to work there. Did you try clearing your browser cache (use ctrl+shift+delete in your browser) and logging in again? If none of this helps, I suggest you contact Airtable directly via support@airtable.com.


Thanks, @Databaser! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who experienced this weird little glitch. Clearing the cache did the trick for me as well. If it’s a problem I encounter again, I’ll make note of it for Airtable support.


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