Where is my data stored?

Geographically where will my data be stored?

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Hi @Eddie

I think the best people to answer this question, would be Airtable support.

They should know the answer.

Mary K

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For most SaaS companies, revealing the physical location of their data centers is considered a security violation. At the very least, it’s bad policy to expose specific locations. We do know they’re in the US.

Airtable servers are located in the US, in data centers that are SOC 1, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified. Airtable’s data centers have round-the-clock security, automatic fire detection and suppression, fully redundant power systems, and strict controls for physical access.

But even if they gave you the physical location, there would likely be hundreds of locations because almost every SaaS system employs caching and CDNs globally to effectuate high performance.

The practical answer is everywhere and nowhere. :wink:

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