Which is better? New table or new view of existing table?


I have a table of participants in an organization. Visitors to monthly meetings are added via a form and identified in the status field as visitors. I have been manually linking these visitors to a second table that contains fields for visitor follow-up, such as date e-mailed, called, etc. These fields are not useful for current members of the organization, hence the second table. But, it requires me to manually add the visitor to the follow-up table via a link to another record field.

Why not just add the visitors directly to a visitor table via the form instead of the participant table? Because, if these visitors become members, all I have to do is change their status in the status field from visitor to member.

I am wondering if I should have fields for visitor follow-up IN the participant table and just hide those from view in all views except a visitor follow-up view. That would replace the visitor follow-up table.