Whitelabel embedded views

Feature needed asap +1

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I highly recommend miniExtension’s for this. You get unlimited usage for all your bases + all the other extensions and for only $39 a month. I have built a “Back office system” with different grid views for different people with different access, which none is subscribed to Airtable.

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Hey everyone, Pory is an alternative for creating beautiful galleries or listing without the Airtable branding. It literally takes a couple of minutes to set up and you can embed it into your existing site using an iframe or widget :raised_hands:.

+1 here. Seems very simple to just allow Pro plan users to remove branding and “view larger version” (because taking people off site etc. as mentioned multiple times above). For what we use airtable this is a major issue


this is essential.

airtable doesnt support ios 14 embedded views either. Scheduled a smartsheet demo this week…


I signed up today for airtable. May leave tomorrow because of this issue. “view larger version” effectively makes embed useless for me.

It’s ridicolous we can’t remove that branding…simple question: why not? If we are on Pro then at least give us the option…Google Tables might become a better option?