Who gets the notification of a failed automation

I built an Automation for a customer and it works well, except about 1 in every 500 executions the Trigger fails to feed through to the Action. I get a helpful notification in Airtable and via email:
Your automation Name has failed 1 time in Table on 04/07/2021 at 8:53am.

These are super helpful and I’d like an option to have them send to the customer instead of just to me. But I don’t see a feature (e.g. in Automations drawer) for configuring this (e.g. a field for “Owner/s of this Automation” or “Subscriber/s to this Automation” where I could paste their email address).

I guess if we wanted to “switch” the notification/subscriber then I could ask customer to manually Duplicate the existing Automation whilst logged in with their account, and presumably this would create a copy of it with them as new sole owner. But then we’d either have 2x Triggers on each event (not appropriate in this example where the Automation deletes a row i.e. it’s an Action you’d only perform once) or, if I subsequently deleted my original copy of the Automation, I’d no longer received failure notifications. Neither of these solves our question.

Short of creating a custom filter in my gmail to forward the notification, how can we multiple Airtable users receive failure notifications for the same Automation?