Who's Accountable for What?

Hi everyone - I’m new to airtable and looking for some guidance.

I am building a recruitment base, which contains 1 table with rows for each applicant names, contact info, and phases along the way to their hired or not hired status. Certain steps of the applicant’s process is owned by different people. The table has columns where, for example, the HR Manager is accountable for columns 3 - 10, the Finance Manager is accountable for columns 11 - 20, and the Onboard Manager is accountable for columns 21-25.

I’d like to be able to report on the progress of each applicant and show if applicant #1 has completed all of the activities (columns) for the HR Manager and is only 50% complete with the activities for the Finance Manager.

I’ll need to see this by applicant (applicant #1 is x% done with HR Manager, y% done with Finance Manager and z% done with Onboard Manager) and by Manager (HR Manager has applicants (applicant name) in their queue).

Hopefully this makes sense, but please ask questions to clarify.

Many thanks for the guidance!

Hi @Doug-CUAnschutz and Welcome to the Airtable Community! :smiley:

There might be an easier way to accomplish this, but here is what I put together. I turned your concept on it’s side. So instead of I think I captured most of what you’re looking for. You can go further with this and add archive features to eliminate clutter with the older data.

Hope this helps,

Hi @Nathalie_Collins - Thank you for the welcome and for this example! You are very kind to put this together for me – very helpful and much appreciated! I’ll run some of our real-life examples through it and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again!

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