Why did my field types change

This morning, I found in my table that two of my field types had change.

One was the primary key that had been a complicated formula and now is a simple text field.

Another had been a link to another field and is now a date field.

How do I find out why this happened?

How do I undo it?

How do I find out who did it or at least who was logged in at time that it happened?

Hi @Really_ReallyRussell

You might want to contact Airtable Support, they could help.

Their email is:

They may send you a standard email about posting your issue here, but just reply back, stating that you really need their help.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

Pick a record and expand its activity log. Depending on the changes made, it may tell you when field config options have been changed if those changes resulted in a different field value. You can also try restoring from a snapshot, which should revert your base to an earlier version. The icon for it is in the top right.

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