Why does the Airtable only show the first 13 entries when it's incorporated into a website?

I’ve just done a 67-entry long table, but only the first 13 entries appear on the website page - yes, it’s possible to scroll down to see more or to view larger table, but ideally I’d like all 67 entries to be visible at a glance. Possible???

Like many things embedded on a website, you need to provide the estimated height of the “window” on the page. Can you not just increase the height of the embed?

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When looking at the embed code, change the highlighted number to see if that fixes the issue for you.

Thanks so much for this Kamille – and your other suggestion too. They both seem viable – I’ll tell my boss on Monday. Will be brilliant if we can fix it!

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Dear Kamille

Ta dah! This worked – thanks so much! It seems obvious now that we know …

Much appreciated




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