Why don't I see a link for Create a new view?

I’m in the Help guide: Let’s make a base, Part 2: Views. It says to click the drop down arrow to the right of “Main View.” I don’t have a main view, only a grid view. When I click the drop down, I don’t see the Create a new view option. What gives?

“Main View” is a name whoever wrote the support article gave to their view. By default, a brand new table’s first view is named “Grid view”. If you want to change “Grid view” to say “Main View” or anything else, you can do so by clicking the down arrow and selecting “Rename”.

It is possible the help guide hasn’t been updated to reflect the location of the add view button since there were some UI updates. You create a new view in the view sidebar. Open the sidebar by clicking the circled button up top. And select the appropriate view type (grid, gallery, calendar, etc.)

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