Why is Airtable not in the Apple App Store?


Any reason Airtable is not in the Apple App store on Mac (not mobile)? Would be a nice way to gain more visibility and get new users. But that’s obvious… so why haven’t they done it?
Also, any ability to understand the sustainability of the Airtable product/project? I’m getting pretty reliant on the software with my work, so it would be devastating if they (for some reason) had to shut the doors. It happened to me in the past with Transpose… hoping Airtable survives. It’s simply the best app…


There are plenty of Mac software developers that don’t release their apps on the Mac app store. My gut says it has something to do with Apple’s approval process. I’m not sure how stringent it is for desktop apps compared to mobile, but I’m pretty sure that Apple has to sign off on something before an app goes on the store, and it could be that the Airtable devs just don’t want to jump through those hoops. Could a presence on the Mac app store help to increase visibility? Perhaps. Is that extra visibility worth the effort to do what Apple requires? If Airtable’s lack of presence on the store so far is any indicator, perhaps not.


To your other question, if what I’ve heard on the Built on Air podcast is correct, Airtable recently(?) got some serious funding. Unless something mysteriously goes horribly wrong, I don’t think it’s going anywhere for a long time.

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