Why won't my automation work?

I have two automated emails that are failing to run. When I test the automations, they work just fine on trigger and action, and the preview loads fine. But when they run, it comes up that the email has no “to” input. The input I’m using for the first automation is the outcome of a formula that finds an email. The other email is two email fields with a comma separating the emails. Help!!

Hi Lisa, would love to help but could use more details. Any chance you could share some screenshots of your base?

@Adam_TheTimeSavingCo adding some screenshots here of what I think is the relevant information. Let me know if there is more specific info that might be useful.

Hi Lisa, everything looks fine from what I can see here I’m afraid, sorry

If you could invite me to a version of your base with your data cleared out I could see if I can help troubleshoot it, if not perhaps someone else will be able to spot something I’ve missed

Best of luck!