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I work as a help desk tech support rep for a college. I answer phone calls and emails to help students, faculty and staff. I was looking for ways to build a wiki documentation and possibly a flowchart:

(1) The wiki documentation would be for someone needing to know about the school help desk position if I wasn’t there to teach them. By the time they read up on the wiki documentation they would know everything possible to perform the job. Yes, I understand Airtable is more of a database but maybe the information it holds in teaching documentation could work to the viewer.

(2) The college has many departments that are in charge of different things. For example, questions about software would go to a particular group on campus and so on. The flowchart would be for connecting these questions: "I have this problem, who do I go to for this or what’s the next step in accomplishing this?” Again, I have an understanding of what Airtable does but though it could work.

Besides using a CRM application could Airtable do the wiki documentation and flowchart or something similar? Thanks!

Hi @Jeremy_Hicks

I’m not pretending to have the answers, but there are 2 guys on Twitter (@markbowley and @vincenthaywood) who wrote a book using Airtable and the one pager app, so I would find it kinda cool to create a wiki doc that way.

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Thanks for the mention @Databaser.

@Jeremy_Hicks to clarify, you can make a book with Airtable if you have similar content on each page -e.g you have a list of Airtable records, and each record’s fields create one page’s content, based on a template. Basically it needs to be a collection of similar content to work.

On that basis, I personally wouldn’t use Airtable for a wiki - it’s not really suited for notes (but I’m happy for someone to disagree with me).

Also, you can make a flowchart in Airtable with the in-built app.

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