Will interface designer ever support collapse state for groups?

the one thing that is missing for me from Airtable which I thought the new Interface designer and feature will solve, is that it will actually save the exact state of my table when I’m sharing…

for example:
I have a table grouped by a column that has 7 values, and I’d like the table to start with all of them collapsed for viewers, so that they can see a summary of the key value.

2nd, the width of each column. I figured that if I change a column’s width while in edit mode, it should stay that width when viewers see the table… and currently it does not.

with these 2 things not supported, I don’t see much value in this whole feature… are there any plans to add this?

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Hi @elyran_malka and welcome to the community!

Airtable doesn’t respond a lot to product suggestions/questions on this forum. Best send an email to support@airtable.com and let us know their answer :slight_smile:

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