Windows Tablet and Scroll Bars Not Working

It would be nice to use a windows tablet to input records but the scroll bars appear to be locked in position, has anyone had this problem and is there a fix or a setting to alter, tablet is a Lenovo yoga 2 running Windows 10, Regards Andrew

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Yes, I agree that it would be great for Airtable to work in mobile web browsers (on both iOS and Android).

I believe that this has already been added to the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category, but if not, please add it over there!

The only 100% fully-featured version of Airtable is the web version that is available on desktop & laptop web browsers.

Mobile web browsers will not work with Airtable, and the mobile app is not fully-featured.

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Nice one Scott I tried it on a android smartphone to snd that seems to work pretty well, im not sure if it would work the same on a Android tablet so that’s my next quest, be nice to be mobile with the larger screen and my barcode scanner to do random inventory checking, regards Andrew

Oh, that’s good to hear — it definitely doesn’t work on iPhone web browser.

But in general, Airtable is a desktop/laptop platform.

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