Windows Tablet Windows 10 scroll bars not working

I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet running Windows 10, I tried airtable on it and the scroll bars don’t work, can this be fixed ir is there a setting I need to tweak, be very very nice to have this working, Regards Andrew

Do you mean the AirTable app does not scroll on your tablet or that the table does not scroll using your browser on the tablet (in which case which browser are you using?).

Hi Jon thanks for getting back to me, I have tried edge and chrome, the scroll bars are not moving in the tables and I cannot figure out why, hope you can help, regards Andrew

Andrew, its not just you. I use an IPad, and under safar,i scrolling tables does not work with a standard view. I have to use the airplay app to get around it. Sorry, I don’t have a solution.

ok jon looks like i will have to get on eby and get a different tablet, many thanks for the help, REGARDS aNDREW