Within Page Designer: Sort related records within a table


I’ve been experimenting with the new Page Designer Beta feature, and it is very close to meeting my reporting needs. What I need now is a way to sort the records by a field in the related record.

My use case: I run a collegiate outing program. I’m writing a base for our logistical planning. The tables at play are “Trips” (with trip-specific information like leaders, participants, difficulty, etc) and “Days” (with day-specific information like campsite, route, mileage, etc). I need a print-out to give my leaders that includes trip-related information and also summarizes info from the Days table - but I want the days sorted by date.

In Filemaker, it would be easy to update the “Sort Portal by…” option to the relevant field. But, so far, I haven’t figured out how to do that in Airtable. Does someone have a way to do this that I am not thinking of? Or is this a feature under development?

Page Designer - Ability to Sort Related Records in Tables