Wordpress Compatible Airtable Plugins

Currently trying to integrate Airtable with Wordpress and the css selectors within the iframe don’t seem to be adjustable. I’ve tried:

.formFieldAndSubmitContainer {background-color:#0d0d0d!important}
.airtable-embed header {background-color:#0d0d0d!important}
#modalContainer {background-color:#0d0d0d!important}
.sharedForm .status { background-color:#141517!important;}
.formContent {background-color:#0d0d0d!important;}

None of these do anything. Anyway, I see that a few contact forms are integratable via a plugin called Zapier. However it seems these all cost quite a bit of money (200 a year for the wp Forms plan that includes Zapier). Are there any other solutions for this? Can anyone suggest a more affordable or perhaps free plugin? Or at least some way to work around the iframe content editing being blocked on wordpress.

Thanks a lot!

So I solved my own problem and I think this is something very useful for the airtable community:

I used something called jotforms. Jotforms is completely free for most uses and there is a very customizable interface on the web app itself. There is a CSS editor in the app that allows you to customize anything within the iframe Very useful and works seamlessly with airtable so far. This took a little bit of troubleshooting and several hours. After trying with zapier, trying with webhooks and so forth, Jotforms seems to be the best possible solution - so I hope this information can save someone some time from here on.

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