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Hello my fellow Airtable nerds! :slight_smile:

I’m helping my company with rebuilding our website and trying to automate a few things. We’re currently using Wordpress, and using the Gravity Form plugin because it allows for conditional formatting; which Airtable currently does not. However, I’m struggling with finding a way for attachments that are submitted in the Gravity Form to be uploaded to airtable. The best I can get is a single URL which will allow me to download a single attachment, but does not work with multiple attachments as it creates one large URL string with the URL’s only separated by a comma; for example:


Is there ANY way for me to get multiple attachments from a Gravity Form entry to be put into an Airtable field automatically?

Heck, I’m using Gravity PDF as well and it would be super neat if I could just get that ONE PDF it creates to move over to Airtable but I can’t seem to figure out how.