Work in process limit in Kanban View



I love the product - looks so great and I’m already seen great use for it in many aspects of my and my clients working context.

One fo the aspects I like is that the tool doesn’t dictate much about HOW I need to work - it stays out of my way and let me do my stuff. Thanks for that approach.

I would love to have the possibility to set a limit of the number of items that are in a kanban stack. A board cannot really be called a kanban board if you cannot limit work in process somehow (wrote about it here)

But following your wonderful principle as described above. So the easiest (and best) thing would be to have a limit to set per stack and once it’s reached simply change the background color of the stack (red or customizable).

If you wanna go really advanced and customizable you could allow for a formula that triggers the color change of the stack. But that’s not the MVP version I had in my head.