Work Offered: Creating a Front App Plugin For Airtable Database


I am looking to build a Front App plugin For Airtable.

The plug in should be set up to be able to look for a specified email in a specified table, and do a range of action from there (for example: if email is present in the contact table, display “full name” column) etc.

Also should be able to update a found record from the plugin.

It should also be able to create new record if the find comes back empty -

I am looking to do this soon :slight_smile:



@Melanie_E_Magdalena and I built and supported just such a plugin with a team of 15 using for support. It was a massive productivity machine! We are familiar with both API’s and have custom code to connect the two.

We’d love to have a meeting and discuss your needs and our experience at your convenience!

Thank you!!


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Just reached out! Thanks for quick answer

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Hi @Sal_Suissa,

PM sent please check.


Hi Sal,
Having worked on some similar projetcs in the past I would be happy to help you out on this.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

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