Workaround for deletion of old records in a new CSV import

hi there,

I know that there is a feature request out there for removing/deleting records from a new CSV import.

As such a feature becomes quite important to me I wanted to ask if there are any ideas around how one can use a CSV import to automatically delete records that are not part of the new CSV file that was used for update. The use case are the CSV import of a salesforce report. As sales people sometimes disqualify accounts on the list, they should be removed in the airtable as well.

Looking forward to see if they are alternatives thinkable without me always starting from scratch (with a fresh CSV download and a re-creation of all formulas, views, and charts.

Thank you,

Hi @Marc_Maurer

One way that you might be able to do this, is using Integromat, an automation app.

They have a Facebook page group, under Integromat.

Hope this might help.

Mary Kay