Workflow formula based on blank fields


I have spent the last two days looking through the community post and can’t seem to find an answer to the solution I need. My best bet is that I either need a nested if statement or a possible Switch command. I am trying to create a formula that gives me the status on a row based on blank rows in a column.

For example, I have a workflow that is an eight-step process. My goal was to create a column for each step.

The steps are (Get approval, Get Quote, Make Purchase Request, Print Purchase Order, Receive Items, Tag Items, Install Items, Update Asset information)

As each step is completed I will fill information in that column. I would like the formula to let me know which step we are on next. If there is no data on the row the formula will state that we are “Waiting on the approval.” If I type something in the first column, the formula will know that column is no longer blank and provide the next step. (Waiting on Quote, Enter PR, Upload PO, Waiting on delivery, Tag items, Install Items, Update, Complete) That makes nine options as “Waiting for approval” as the default. Please let me know if you need any more information. Thank you.

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