Workflow Guidance required for Home Inventory management


Hi Everyone,

New to air table so what I may be trying to do could be remarkably simple.

I’m trying to create a personal kitchen inventory system to save costs in the family.

I have something similar in excel but the potential to add barcode scanning with air table has me interested.

There would be 4 main properties of the sheet.

  1. A meal selector (Mon-Sun) pick which meals you want, these meals will be stored as recipes.

  2. A recipe list minimum 5 but ideally 10+, when the meal is selected at section 1, the ingredients associated with the meal can be pulled totaled and added to a shopping list.

  3. Shopping List - The shopping list would be the required items - what is currently within the inventory

  4. Inventory - A large list of everything within the kitchen currently.

The principle being that every time I shop I can scan in, and when I cook scan out.

Any guidance on linking any of this together would be great. I would be really grateful

The formulas aren’t what I’m worried about its more, overall arrangement and linking of the pages.