Workflow/ Report / Data Guru - Sydney


Are you based in Sydney Australia?

Looking for someone to help develop reports for us based on our incoming/ ongoing/ delivered jobs.

This will involve:
Understanding the reports we require
Looking at how our current Airtable is set up in terms of fields and data within
Assist in developing relevant fields that ensure we capture data the right way and allow for a smooth workflow for those inputting the data/ managing the jobs.

Many thanks

Hi Jim,

I live exactly 12,596 kilometers from your office, but I’ve been to Sydney many times and I typically work when you are awake. :wink:

I’m an information and API architect who dabbles in various solutions involving Airtable and many other systems including G-Suite, Firebase, and real-time data streaming systems.

Happy to chat if you’re interested.

Hi Jim,

Just wondering if you ended up finding someone in Sydney? I am looking for a consultant that is Sydney based that specialises in Airtable also.