Workfront to Airtable API integration

Has anyone created an API between Workfront and Airtable? We currently use Airtable for project management/planning and sharing of projects, but creative requests/approvals go through Workfront… would be looking for one-way communication from Workfront to Airtable (specifically relaying dates from Workfront tasks and moving final assets/creative files from Workfront to Airtable once they are approved in the Workfront system). I’m only familiar with Zapier to connect platforms and unfortunately Workfront is not available there, so wondering if anyone has had success connecting these two with a custom API?


Is it possible to connect Workfront with a custom API?

Yep - API: Home

Yep. Did one for a client a few years ago. Task Search makes it possible to read any task-related data and push it through to Airtable based on a matching scheme. Ideally, the task IDs exist in Airtable whenever a new task is created in WorkFront. This is accomplished by creating webhooks that intercahnge data into Airtable in real-time. They are still building out some of the functionality of WorkFront but there’s enough there to build something.

The solution will require webhooks in Airtable and WorkFront.

CAUTION - this is one of the more complex APIs and building a truly integrated solution will be expensive.

Thanks for this info! Yes I believe I’d need to go the route of having a custom API built and certainly understand the type of integrated solution we are seeking will be expensive. If you don’t mind me asking, what would you estimate to build this solution?

Hm, yes looks like I’ll need a custom API :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply!

Wild guess - if we keep the first phase narrow and successfully move data from Workfront to Airtable using a webhook architecture, we might be able to develop a success pattern quickly for about $1k setting aside all of setup and credential issues.

In my view, you first want to create a success pattern that can be used as the guideposts for additional automation that you can probably implement internally.

Super helpful, thank you! Is that something you are still available to do for clients?

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