Working With Fuel Surcharges

I’m not sure this is possible. I’m trying to multiply the amount of an item by a range with an attached percentage. For example, if the fuel price is $5.00 then the range is $5.00 - $5.25 and the percentage is 2%. Then multiply the Freight Amount by the corresponding percentage of 2%.

So in this scenario, Freight Amount is $100, Fuel Price is $5 so I would add 2% to the freight price for a fuel surcharge.

I have Freight Amount Column, Fuel Price Column, Start Price, End Price and Percentage Columns


Any ideas or work arounds would be appreciated.


Hi @Smyth_County
Here is a formula with nested IF statements

IF(AND(Price > 5.00, Price < 5.25), '2%', IF(AND(Price > 5.26, Price < 5.50), '3%', IF(AND(Price > 5.51, Price < 6.00), '4%', IF(AND(Price > 5.01, Price < 6.25), '5%'))))


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