Would Airtable be a good fit to power a nonprofit end-to-end?


Hi, I reaaaaally love Airtable and I want to make sure it’s a good fit so I apologize for the length of this! The TL:DR: Would Airtable be a good fit to build a “Crunchbase of nonprofits” with ~1.5M records? For the first year, I would just hyperfocus Portland, OR which has ~33K records.

So last year I built out a database of nonprofits in Portland to help the homeless community here. It started out with a Google spreadsheet of resources that I collected to help myself, but as other homeless folks were finding it useful I taught myself how to build the app.

I ended up getting carried away with features, and I fell into this pattern where the more wizbangy I made the site the fewer people used it. Because I have no experience at all in any of this, I figured it was because it was lacking features so I rebuilt the thing three times!!! Wherease my spreadsheet had dozens of people on it at once at one point, I’m lucky to get a dozen people using it a month now.

Now I want to hyperfocus ONLY on the data. Here are my requirements:

  • I would need about 500 users (10 per each state) to help seed it
  • Once the data is seeded, I’ll only need 50 users (1 per state) to maintain it
  • People should either be able to download CSV files or do simple queries via your API

My website would literally just be a static site for now that has different Airtable’s embedded in it. I have no intention of making it publicly editable since all this data would be sourced directly from the government. The reason I’d like to use Airtable (vs spreadsheet) is that I’d like to have relationships: A nonprofit has board members, events, and funding rounds etc.

Airtable also has an amazing UI and library of learning resources, so onboarding people would be easier than on any other platform.