Would like to hire someone to build a base from the ground up

I’m nearly certain what I want to achieve is possible with Airtable, but I don’t have the time to build it. How can I find an Airtable expert for hire?

Cool! But be careful - make sure your business and technical requirements are validated by an expert like @Cherry_Yang2 or @cor.

You might also find it helpful to briefly describe the nature of your desired solution because there are consultants who specialize in certain types of Airtable applications. You don’t want to attract a buffalo herd management consultant to a fashion show CRM project. Just sayin’ - it will avoid some awkward conversations. :wink:

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You can also post in the “Hire a consultant” part of this forum.

Thanks @Bill.French! :slight_smile:
Hi @Graig_Stettner,

I’m the founder of AirOps Consulting and we are a full-service Airtable consulting company. I’d love to speak with you over a video call and learn more about your project. You can book a time with me here: Calendly - Cherry Yang

Here’s my website if you want to know more about my work. https://www.airopsconsulting.org/

Look forward to connecting with you and have a great rest of your day!


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