Would love a find/replace option!


Not sure how much detail I can give on this request, so just trying to hit my 20 char. :gift:


Seconding this. Would be nice to find/replace within a single column in particular. Just encountered a need for this, but fortunately my database is small enough right now to do it manually.


I would love to see this functionality added.


Would be a lifesaver.


Thanks for the feedback, guys! We’ll definitely take this into consideration, as it’s a request we’ve had from a lot of users.

In the meantime, if you have, say, a single line text field which repeats a lot of the same answers over and over again, I would suggest [if appropriate] trying to use a single or multiple select field instead, as it’s much easier to edit the options for the select tokens in the field configuration menu.

Another strategy is sorting by the value you wish to change, and using the fill handle to easily copy the replaced version over a larger range of cells.


yes please. find & replace!


I agree with this feature suggestion.


+10 We need base-wide find and replace too! :+1:


Just thougth the option to copy and paste in Excel, replace text, and copy back to Airtable.