Wrap text/ Row height

I realize row height selection has been made possible to address this but I don’t think it really solves the problem. If I have a cell that’s just one line longer than the extra-tall it’ll still be cut off and have to be manually expanded. Not to mention if I have everything at extra-tall, many rows take up a huge amount of dead air space eventhough they don’t need it because they don’t have much text.

For visual ease-of-use, I’ve found this a huge barrier to get teams on board with using an airtable version because at a glance it is harder to review and scroll through (people don’t like to click things or view things one at a time).

I understand it’s more beautiful with exact consistent row heights, but can we have an extra option that is not default under “extra tall” that is “dynamic/variable/whatever word you choose” that just expands to the height of the text?


I like your product but its a major barrier for me (and my company - separate account).~That and a rich text option (at least something for bullets!!)