Wrappable Column Titles


Seems that almost all of my fields in almost all of my tables have more text in the column titles then they do in the records.


Agreed. Sometimes my Column Titles are long but the column content is small or even a just check box. I’d like to have the column titles be able to do a word wrap and cover 2+ lines instead of just one. Long single line column titles make the table too wide and force extra left-right scrolling. Making the columns narrower cuts off the title and removes the context of the data.


I have the same issue. Long Field Names are making the columns too wide. Enabling word wrap would make the display much cleaner.


Row Height has been introduced for cells. But why didn’t Airtable add this capability for Column titles/headers?! As mentioned above and in other threads, this feature is basic but crucial.

Please, @Airtable team, are you doing something about this soon? I love the Blocks feature but the lack of column header wrap is the major reason stopping us from migrating fully to Airtable.


Agree 100%. I don’t need any more features EXCEPT wrap for column titles.


Oh yeah, still a valid point… Any updates on this?